Unfreeze Yourself

I saw the Disney movie Frozen a few weeks ago with my mom, while I was in Pittsburgh for the holidays. The themes of  fear and love in the movie  resonated with me.

The film is based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale the Snow Queen.  Spoiler alert to anyone who doesn’t know the plot.  The story is about Elsa, a princess with magical powers.  Elsa has the gift of being able to create cold and snow with her hands.  As children, Elsa and her sister Anna created this magical world of play and fun in the snow, inside of the castle where they live.  Until one night, their play almost kills Anna and their parents decide that they need to keep their daughter’s dangerous gift a secret.

Elsa separates herself from her family and lives in fear that her “curse” will hurt someone again.  She lives in fear of her gift.  And, as her fear grows stronger,  her self-expression and her ability to control her gift diminishes, because the more fearful she becomes, the more destruction her gift causes to others.  In the world of fear, her gift does become a curse to those around her. One day, Elsa becomes Queen of the kingdom and her secret is exposed.  Her fear rages and causes a winter storm to permanently fall upon the kingdom and she flees to the mountains to further spare her sister and the kingdom from the destruction she is capable of causing.

No longer held back from her secret,  in her solitude, Elsa celebrates her new-found freedom, unleashes her powers and creates a breathtaking snow palace.

Anna sets out to find her sister to bring her back and to help stop the winter storm raging on the kingdom.  In a fearful confrontation, Anna is accidentally struck in the heart by Elsa’s powers, causing her heart to start to freeze.  Anna is told that her heart will continue to freeze and she will die unless an act of true love can thaw her heart and save her.

Elsa is almost captured and killed, but a brave Anna throws herself between the assassin and her sister,  and she completely  freezes into solid ice.  This act of love has saved Elsa but cost Anna her life…until, that act of  sacrifice and love becomes the very thing that Anna needed to be saved and she thaws.  Cue the happy Disney ending.

We all have gifts and a purpose for being here and sometimes, our humanity has us be fearful of who we truly are and we hide ourselves and our gifts away.

I spent most of the last year fearing the unknown and became stuck in fearful thoughts and envisioning a future that was full of lack and scarcity. I foolishly kept trying to anticipate, analyze and think my way  towards my goals and felt like I was spinning my wheels and not seeing much movement.  I was not trusting in a universe or divine plan that had my greatest interests at heart and I was unwilling to surrender my fears or perspective on how things should look on behalf of perhaps something that might even be better than what I envisioned.

I was stuck in the picture in my head of how things should or needed to be vs simply embracing and accepting how they were.   My heart became closed and frozen, and it cost me my health, my self-expression, being open to new experiences, and being able to listen to where life might be leading me.  And it cost me being open to the moments of magic and miracles that can occur at the snap of a finger.

Just before the holidays, my consulting project ended and I didn’t have the next gig lined up.  This heightened my fear even more and couldn’t see the silver lining in any of it.  All I could think of was the fear and the worst case of scenario and the cycle of fear continued to run on a never-ending loop.

The ending of my contract provided a beautiful gift…the opportunity to spend two full weeks with my family. And it was just the act of love that my heart needed to unfreeze itself from the fear and to open up to receive and allow love to flow in.  Being in the space of love provided such a nurturing environment and allowed for room to just be.  My soul could rest and I was able to  let go of whatever fear was gripping me and release the emotions and thoughts that were holding me back.  It was an incredibly healing experience and it allowed me to both receive and give love.

I came back to Los Angeles, unfrozen and am starting the new year in a completely different space. I’ve resolved to live from my heart this year, to follow where it may lead me and to listen for the guidance of where to go next.  My heart is open to new possibilities, adventures and I’m in a state of love, gratitude and feel profoundly grateful for my life and the people in it.

While I have no idea what  2014 holds, I don’t feel the need to know…I’ll create it and trust that it’s all working out perfectly and any moment that I experience suffering, is an indicator that I’m not listening to my heart and all there is to do is let go and remain open.

We all have somewhere that we are frozen in fear and holding ourselves back.  Where can you, let go and allow an act of love to open your heart to unfreeze yourself?  Like Elsa, what magic can you unleash this year?

Let it Go Video Sequence – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moSFlvxnbgk

Elsa the Snow Queen from Frozen

Elsa the Snow Queen from Frozen