How to Change the World

This cartoon spoke to me when I saw it, as it served as a great reminder that you can change the world one person at a time. At times I can get caught up in thinking I have to cause drastic change all at once and by myself.  That notion becomes so daunting, I don’t even want to get out bed let alone take any action to “do my part for humanity.”I feel so small and ill-equipped to make any difference at all.  It’s easy to become resigned and indifferent coming from that space and find reasons to do nothing but complain…which is just the worst…then it contributes to the problem and adds to the fear and negativity.

While the beginning of change can be at an individual level, like someone having the thought that something new might be possible, one does not have to change the world alone. It starts with you and the willingness to choose love over fear.  And then your commitment, courage and willingness to think or say something new.  That one shift can be the spark that ignites a  fundamental shift in the consciousness of others.

And then, it takes one to know one.  In the cartoon, one soon becomes two.  Then you are not alone…there is partnership, collaboration. Two can become three, three can become four, and so on.  Pretty soon, you have momentum, a movement, a tribe of people willing to give up what they know and think and believe to consider that perhaps their way isn’t the only way or the “right way.”  And if they were willing to band together…what becomes possible then?

So, how to change the world?

Be love, open your mouth, and start with one conversation at a time.



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