Change your Habits, Change your Life

There is a lot of newness in my life.  New consulting gig. I’ve been with my client for a little under three months and there is still so much to learn about their organization and their industry.  I’m starting teacher training this week to become a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.  I’m shopping for a new car.  I’ve started working out again with a trainer.  And I’m starting to run in some new circles and meeting new people.  All very exciting and at times overwhelming. I’m expanding myself and reinventing my life.

My brain is taking in a lot of information, trying to reorganize itself around new schedules, new ways of doing things, stepping into unknown territory.  Some days I don’t know how to keep up with it all and I’ve been observing myself very much in the same way I observe an organization when I start to access where the opportunities for change are.

What I’ve observed is that as I’ve expanded, many of the current habits have not.  How I structure my time, how much time I spend on tasks, getting out the door in the morning, driving to work. To evolve into the person I’m becoming and the life I’m inventing, my habits need an overhaul.  Some of my habits are no longer consistent with my commitments and others are just not sufficient enough to contain all that I’m managing at work, in my exercise routine, in how I spend my free time.

By observing myself with non-judgment, I am starting to see what’s missing, what I’d like to add, what I’d like to retire and I’m taking the actions to make those changes.  There have been some growing pains, as I incorporate some of these new habits…I’m still not reliable to hit the gym outside of the two days I work out with my trainer.  That alone has been an interesting observation, as rather than judge myself for not getting to the gym, I’m seeing that while I have a commitment to being active, I’d rather spend that time doing yoga in community with others then going it solo at the gym on a treadmill. I even view my time at the gym as time I don’t get to be doing yoga.   So once I’ve finished up this round of sessions with my trainer, I plan on giving up my gym membership. A year ago I craved a gym workout as that’s the place I was in my life back then and what my body wanted.  Today, I crave my time on the mat as my body and soul want and need that.  Time is precious, and I want to spend my energy doing things that I love and have fun doing. And what I wanted a year ago, I no longer am interested in.

So, if you are looking to make some changes be it losing weight, learning a new hobby or playing a bigger game in life.  Start to observe your habits and what new habits you’ll need to adopt and what actions you’ll need to take to achieve that goal and make that change lasting. Habits and actions that worked at one time, may not work for you now and that’s OK.  As we evolve, we require different things.   Incorporate things you love and enjoy, not things you think you “should” be doing. You will more likely stick with the plan, accomplish your goal and be on your way to becoming the person  you aspire to be.  Changing your habits can change your life.

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