Time for a Change

I’ve been blogging on and off for the last three years under the name Happy, Healthy and Hot.  There was much to say at the time about the start of my journey towards being balanced in mind/body and spirit.  I spoke about my own health, the lifestyle I adopted, my spiritual practice , my move from Chicago to Los Angeles and the experience of becoming  happy, healthy and hot.  My experiences evolved into a 12-week course I started teaching women (called Happy, Healthy and Hot) to empower and inspire them to love and accept themselves by becoming integrated in mind/body and spirit.  This all came from learning to love and accept myself.

What I most discovered on the journey was my voice…and the desire to use that voice to inspire and contribute to others.  It’s truly why I’m here on this earth in this time and place.  The fulfillment of that that will become is still being formulated and I continue to trust and listen to Spirit and follow the fascination of where I’m being led.  It’s been quite a ride so far, with more to come.

At the moment…it’s leading me to start blogging again…but in a new format, as there are new conversations to share. Unlike John Mayer says in his song…I am NOT  waiting for the world to change…I simply believe we no longer have the luxury.  I need to be the change I want to see in the world…and so change begins…with me.  And it is my desire that by publicly sharing my own journey, it will inspire others to awaken their own consciousness and join the tribe…for together we do have the power to heal and change this world…and it starts with ourselves….the world needs us, our children need us…the future needs us….the time is NOW.

I’ve moved the blog to a new format, I’ve chosen to no longer hide behind a catchy title and there are new conversations to engage in.  I’m still passionate about the integration of mind/body and spirit and how that contributes to people living happy, healthy and purpose filled lives. I am clear that is the foundation to awakening to a higher state of consciousness.  I’m also passionate about explorations around the masculine and the feminine and how there is much for men and women to learn and teach each other through the understanding of how the other see’s the world.  I am also passionate about the Divine Feminine and empowering women to access that in themselves.  Most of all I am passionate about creating conversations that invoke a new way of thinking, exploring and learning that awakens people and that causes transformation.

Next weekend, I start a six month program to be trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher.  This is the beginning of a whole new exploration and set of learning that I look forward to sharing in this format.  I’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga for almost a year and it has made a profound difference in my life and in me getting to the core of who I am…beyond the ego.  It has also made a profound difference in my spiritual awakening and my connection to the Divine.  I’ve learned to surrender, let go and trust that Spirit is working in my life even when things don’t look in the moment the way I’d like them to.

So if any or all of this if of interest…I invite you to join the conversation.  Read and follow my blog, follow me on Twitter, share my blog with others and please  comment so that we can keep the conversation going. I’m interested in hearing about what is of interest and importance to you and what corner of the world you would like to change and how I might support you on your path.